Robotics with Python – For Rasberry Pi Wars

This course will teach students how to build a robot with Raspberry Pi and control it using Python. The robot will be mobile and also has image recognition capability via Pi Camera. The team-built robot enters the UCSD’s Pi Wars competition . In this class, students explore basic components of motors, sensors, and electronics. They also use image processing and GPIO modules in Python. More details about the competition is at

*The PiWars competition of UCSD is organized by the San Diego Supercomputer Center at UCSD.
*This class is not sponsored by the Supercomputer Center or UCSD.
*This class intends to prepare students for the competition.

Possible Awards from the competition
-Legoland tickets
-UCSD robotics institute tour
-A shadow day with UCSD Robotics engineers
-UCSD TV feature
-And the most important thing: having fun while learning a great deal!

Programming Language: Python
Platform: Raspberry Pi and other electronics/LEGO modules