Robotics with Python – For Rasberry Pi Wars

This course will teach students how to build a robot with Raspberry Pi and control it using Python. The robot will be mobile and also has image recognition capability via Pi Camera. The team-built robot will enter the UCSD’s PiWars competition to be held on April 4, 2020. In this class, students explore basic components of motors, sensors, and electronics. They also use image processing and GPIO modules in Python. More details about the competition is at

*The PiWars competition of UCSD is organized by the San Diego Supercomputer Center at UCSD.
*This class is not sponsored by the Supercomputer Center or UCSD.
*This class intends to prepare students for the competition.

Possible Awards from the competition
-Legoland tickets
-UCSD robotics institute tour
-A shadow day with UCSD Robotics engineers
-UCSD TV feature
-And the most important thing: having fun while learning a great deal!

Programming Language: Python
Platform: Raspberry Pi and other electronics/LEGO modules